Root Bound Regenerative Farm

Produce – Pastured Poultry – Pastured Eggs

Vegetables and Produce

We grow a variety of seasonal vegetables and produce. Our main source of marketing our produce is through our CSA program, on site farm stand, and wholesale to local shops and restaurants. 

Although we are not certified organic we are confident our methods exceeds organic certification standards. We use a combination of bio intensity, permaculture, and standard market garden growing practices. We implement soil and ecological health enhancing methods such as no dig or no till,  mulching, polyculture, cover cropping, and COMPOST.

Compost is the backbone of our vegetable production. Whether its needed as a mulch in our no dig system, organic fertility enhancement, or a soil biology stimulant, we are able to overcome the vast majority of the added challenges growing without chemicals. By using good compost appropriately our need for weeding, pest management, crop rotation and organic fertilizers is drastically reduced. This is because we are focusing on growing healthy organisms in our soil in a perfect balance. When this is the main focus, healthy and nutritious food is the result.


Pasture Raised Eggs

We are currenty taking a break from egg production for the 2024 season. 

We raise heritage breed hens for our egg production. They are fed corn and soy free non GMO layer pellets as well as abundant forage. They are moved frequently around the pastures which enables them to have fresh forage, clean spaces and enhance soil fertility with their excreta.

This system of raising laying hens produces healthier, happier chickens and significantly more nutritious and flavorful eggs. 

Although commercial laying breeds are more economic, we are dedicated to dual purpose heritage breeds for several reasons. They are hardier chickens and are less prone to health complications and diseases. They lay eggs longer and can be harvested for meat at the end of their duties should that be the option. They have better instincts for foraging and avoiding predation. They can also reproduce, therefore eliminating our dependence on commercial hatcheries to replenish the flock. By avoiding commercial laying breeds we can also avoid the unfortunate circumstance of day old male chicks being terminated.

We generally allow broody hens to hatch and raise their own chicks. We keep as many roosters as we need for flock protection and grow out the remainder until full adult size and process for meat. 

Our favorite breeds are Rhode island red and Australorp.

You can get our eggs through our farm CSA or at our on site farm stand.


Pasture Raised Poultry

We are currently taking a break from poultry for the 2024 season. 

We raise our meat chickens outdoors on clean pasture and  fresh air in mobile chicken tractors. We move the chickens 1-2 times per day. Frequently moving the chickens keeps them cleaner, healthier and encourages them to eat more forage. We can also control the animal impact on the land and increase soil fertility through their excreta. We supplement their diet with Non GMO chicken grower feed. The result is healthier land, better life for the chicken and overall more nutritious and flavorful meat

We typically raise our chickens for 8-10 weeks for finished birds at ranging from 5-10 pounds. Compared to commercial practices of 4 weeks and 3 pounds average.

For meat chickens we raise Cornish cross breeds. This breed of chicken is the standard breed for most small scale farms and commercial production. The financial viability of the feed to growth ratio is incomparable to other breeds.

Since we also grow out our heritage roosters we are able to offer this as an alternative. Heritage chicken is typically more dark meat, fat, flavor, and generally still tender if not too old.

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Farm Summary


UnCertified Organic

We go beyond many of the requirements to be certified organic, but have not yet taken on the process to become certified organic.


Regenerative and Natural Practices

We integrate ecological systems and soil enhancing methods to all our production. We know the soil and land will get better each year and will be able to leave behind a resiliant farm ecosystem.


No Till

Once growing areas are systemactilly established we do not incorporporate mechanized tilliage or disturbance of the soil.  Allowing healthy soil to flourish undisturbed eliminates a significant amount of challenges that are involved in growing produce for market.


Independent and De-Centralized

We strive to produce as much of our farms requirements ourselves. Reducing our dependance on agriculture supply industry. The allows us to be more sustainable aswell as more resiliant during supply and logistics challenges.


Integrated Animal Husbandry

We raise all our animals to have a beneficial imact on our land and be able to live a stress free lives in adapted managment that permits natural behaviours and instincts. 

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