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Our products are sold in bulk or in bags from our farm location. We can also deliver or arrange a delivery with a local trucking company.

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Our Process

On top of organic wastes generated on our own farm, materials are brought in on a weekly basis. through our waste recovery programs and relationships with local farms and facilities. All material is inspected before being brought onto the farm and anything with possible contamination is refused.

Different materials brought in include: Horse manure and stable waste, dairy cow manure, wood chips, bark mulch, hog fuel, spoiled hay and spent animal feed, fish and crustacean scraps, and food scraps.

Materials are blended in specific combintations to make different final products. The material is then laid out in a wind row and the thermophillic active management phase commenses. Active management involves monitoring the piles temperature, oxygen, moisture and turning pile at critical times. Once the active management phase ends, the windrow is left to rest and mature for a long period of time.

This produces a certifiable organic product that is rich in bio diversity, stable nutrients, free of diseases and pathogens, weed seeds and is fully mature and ready to use.


There is an expression that not all compost is created equally, and this couldn’t be a more truthful statement. Organic waste materials have the potential to be turned into a magical life enhancing product, or it can become¬† harmful toxic waste if not managed correctly.

Through thermophillic active management temperatures reach levels of pasteurization which effectively kill off human and plant pathogens and diseases, while not killing off beneficial microbes. Material is kept aerobic by turning the pile at correct times and temperature thresholds.

By composting aerobically the material essentially turns into a biomass of beneficial microbes that will perform incredible attributes to natural systems. When compost is allowed to fully mature, higher level organisms such as fungi, protozoa and nematodes will grow in the material and will provide natural nutrient cycling in the growing environment its used.

Mature compost is also stable and is composed of a significant humus component. Humus is a very stable source of soil carbon and soil organic matter. Immature compost will not be able to provide the same benefit since the microbial life is still so active, they will consume plant available nutrients faster than the plant can uptake them. This can also lead to temporary soil nitrogen depletion, especially if the carbon component of the compost has not been broken down. If compost is still hot it has a ways to go before its best put to use, and it may shrink by another 40% in volume once it starts cooling down.  Some composts mixes will lose up to 2/3rds its volume by the time its finished maturing.




Our Products

Because we bring in so many different materials, we are able to make unique final products that the starting material is best suited for. Instead of throwing everything into a single pile, different sources of high nitrogen, green, and carbon material are specifically blended into small individual batches.

We make different multi purpose garden composts that range in nutrition and biological diversity. We also make compost mulches and custom soil mixes.

Our composts are designed to be suitable for any plant or growing condition. They can be used as a soil amendment, organic fertility enhancer, soil conditioner and microbiology stimulant.

Our mulches range in physical consistency and nutritional impact for appropriate selection for use. Mulches are actively composted and aged to eliminate weed seeds and encourage a healthy diverse microbial population.

We also use our compost to make custom living soil blends. We make premium garden soil, lawn and landscape soil, potting soil and seed starting mixes.

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