Waste Recovery and Collection

Waste Recovery Programs

 We work with local business to create value added products from waste or bi product materials. So much of the things we consider waste in society hold much greater value than we give credit to.  Luckily, many of our societies wastes are diverted from landfill though recycling and municipal compost programs. Yet even with these modern programs, only a small fraction of waste is recovered and much still remains destined for landfill. We believe its important that not only should all wastes be managed appropriately and they should be utilized and processed to produce outstanding products that provide far more benefit than simply reducing landfill volume or greenhouse gasses. 

We consult with production companies to either produce their own products and initiate the enterprise or we work co-operatively with them to produce products for us. Currently we are producing Fish Funk with a local fish processing facility, and look forward to establishing more relationships as the business grows.

Waste Material Collection

We have established relationships with several farms, establishments, and food processing facilities to take away waste products. We utilize these waste streams in our compost program or to make value added products that we either use on the farm or remarket. Since we are able to convert these materials into profitable products we are usually able to financially compensate our material providers or make commitments to consistently remove their waste.

We are currently working on starting a food residual collection service for restaurants and households who do not qualify for municipal food waste collection.

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